We work on statutory or contractual audit missions:

  • Statutory audit missions: French and international groups and companies publishing their accounts under different accounting standards (French, IFRS, US GAAP, etc.)
  • Contractual audit assignments: Specific intervention at the request of the company for the review of particular elements and/or agreed upon procedures.

Our intervention is directly linked to the specific problems of the firm we work with:

  • Specific risk analysis to the company, it sector, it financing methods, distribution, etc.
  • Determination of an adequate and specific work program
  • Implementation of diagnostic elements
  • Conclusions and action plan

Examples of works: Audit of procedures

  • Review of the internal control of a listed French industrial group: review of procurement risks (material risk and hedging), transfer pricing elements (tax risk attached) and review of purchase and sale procedures, from ordering to the delivery and collection of claims, etc.
  • Based on the identified elements during the audit procedures, definition of an action plan to remove uncovered risks areas and secure the Group's procedures to implement developed solutions.

Examples of works: Statutory Financial auditing

  • Analysis of the cash position of a group in order to improve the working capital requirement management: identification of improvement points