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Salustro & Associés (SEA) was built to offer customized financial services in order to best respond to the customer needs. SEA is an independent consulting firm specializing in financial services. We dedicate our services to Managers, Shareholders and Investors looking for adequate solutions during their transaction processes or firm restructuring. SEA differentiates itself thanks to a multidisciplinary approach in the field of financial services in order to fulfil the clients consideration in the most efficient and complete way.
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Independent Expert-Assessment & Valuation

Financial valuation has become a major challenge in decision making and firm communication. Despite a globalization of financial valuation practice, it remains a sensible topic requiring professional skills and specific expertise. We implement our expertise in many circumstances.

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Financial Advisory and Transaction Services

Acquiring or selling a company is a sensitive transaction being subject to specific challenges. Giving a fair value of fundamentals is mandatory but implies a good coordination of several skills. We help you before, during and after your transaction.

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                    Litigation                     advisory

We provide some support in litigation on an accounting and financial basis . Our multidisciplinary expertise applies in many litigation fields such as M&A, Competition, Taxes etc. Our operating scope is fully appropriated to your needs and the litigation solving strategy.

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Statutory Audit and Audit related services

We work on statutory or contractual audit missions. Our intervention is directly linked to any specific topics, to the firm we work with.

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Our multidisciplinary team has the required key skills to be reactive and committed at any level to best respond to tour needs. Our team has experience to talks in a simple and comprehensive way about complex topics.


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