Acquiring a company is a sensitive transaction being subject to specific challenges.

Giving a fair value of fundamentals is mandatory but implies a good coordination of several skills

We help you:


  • Pre-diagnostic and risk recognition
  • Historical, financial, accounting, legal and tax analysis
  • Info-memo review and acquisition price analysis…


  • Confirmation diagnostic and due diligence process
  • Financial modelling and value sensitivity for the buyer
  • Price negotiation and deal financial clauses determination
  • Acquisition consequences simulation
  • Forecast survey


  • Purchase Price Allocation
  • Assets and liabilities guarantees
  • Price adjustment
  • Optimization

Our multidisciplinary team has the required  key skills to be reactive and committed at any level to best respond to your needs.

Our team is able to talk freely in order to help you  in your decision making process

Our team recently worked in serval transactions in various environments :

  • Company acquisition from industrial firms
  • LBO transaction
  • Sovereign wealth management funds stake
  • Minority interest stake

Relatively new work

  • A private equity funds has strong interests in a build-up operation. SEA was in charge of first step due diligence.